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The Cool Chicks

« Experience a Swing and Jazzy vibe with The Cool Chicks »


Based in the Southern France in Montpellier, The Cool Chicks is a music band with a strong Jazzy swing influence. 

The Cool Chicks reinterprets the standards of the great and beautiful era of Swing. Influenced by masters of the style such as Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie or Duke Ellington, Caroline's delicate and powerful voice is supported by an impeccable rhythm section.   

The band offers several groups to best adapt to the different types of event : 

  • Duo : Piano + Vocal.
  • Trio : Piano + Vocal + Double bass.
  • Quartet : Piano + Vocal + Double bass + Drums.
  • Quintet : Piano + Vocal + Double bass + Drums + Saxophone.
  • Sextet : Piano + Vocal + Double bass + Drums + Saxophone + Trombone.

In a jazzy, dynamic, festive and ecstatic vibe, The Cool Chicks entertains events such as weddings, anniversaries, christenings, festivals, concerts, Christmas concerts, team-building, workshops, corporate events, swing dance parties. 

With a tailored repertoire, The Cool Chicks will thrill the audience and certainly give a unique and unforgettable characteristic to your event. 

The Cool Chicks performs in France and Europe.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : The Cool Chicks performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 2 to 6.

Composition : Piano, Vocal, Double bass, Drums, Saxophone, Trombone.

Duo (Piano + Vocal) : from €936 + Travel expenses.

Trio (Piano + Vocal + Double bass) : from €1,404 + Travel expenses.

Quartet (Piano + Vocal + Double bass + Drums) : from €1,872 + Travel expenses.

Quintet (Piano + Vocal + Double bass + Drums + Saxophone) : from €2,340 + Travel expenses.

Sextet (Piano + Vocal + Double bass + Drums + Saxophone + Trombone) : from €2,808 +Travel expenses.

The following are included in the rate of the different options :
- Two hours of performance.
- Sound equipment for up to 150 people for performances at 250 km (one-way) from Montpellier.

Add :
- Extra time : €195 per hour and per musician.
- Packages : €195 per hour and per musician + performance rate.

Special requests: 
All meals and drinks are the responsibility of the client during the performance and/or during the stay.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the group.