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Authentics Jazzy Birds

A musical time travel to enjoy popular music


« Authentics Jazzy Birds » is made up of artists with the technique and mastery of the repertoire of traditional Jazz as well as the culture of current hits.

Professional group created by Bassist Lilian Palomas, founder of the LP SEPTET whose songs have been taken over the world is incredibly traditional and faithful to the standards of the 50s.

Inspired by pop songs that awaken creativity and improvisation, Authentics Jazzy Birds finds itself arranging the pop melodies of the moment in traditional jazz.

Thus, with the Authentics Jazzy Birds you will cross the ages.

For this musical crossing, the songwriter and singer Jaklyne Guedj will accompany you and mix her soul Jazz voice with current pop songs.

At the piano, Yves Gariod Piano, a musician who breathes this traditional and typical Jazz, for whom the playing of the pianists of the composers of the time has no secrets, it is a whole arsenal of notes, colors of the past which reappears and leaves you speechless.

Organizing their performances in trio, quartet and quintet, Authentics Jazzy Birds adapts to private events up to large stages with the melodious influence of a saxophonist and or a drummer.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention zone : Authentics Jazzy Birds performs in Switzerland and Europe.

Number of artists : 3 to 5.

Group Composition : Vocal, Double Bass, Piano, Saxophone, Drum.

Trio (Vocal + Piano + Double Bass) : € 1,560 + possible travel expenses.

Instrumental Trio (Piano + Double Bass + Saxophone) : € 1,560 + possible travel expenses.

Quartet (Vocal + Piano + Double Bass + Drums/Saxophone) : € 2,028 + possible travel expenses.

Quintet (Vocal + Piano + Double Bass + Drums + Saxophone) : € 2,340 + possible travel expenses.

Are included in the tariff of the different options :
- Travel expenses up to 2 hours drive (one way).
- Sound equipment for 200 people maximum.
- 2 hours of performance.

Extra time : € 156 /per musician/hour.

Special requests :
- For concerts on large stages, provide a more important sound system.
- Provide a packed lunch in case the time of return of the group at home, after the performance, is beyond 8:30 pm.
- Two members of the group are vegetarians.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the group.