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Cobra Fantastic

Live Music entertainments + funky groovy atmosphere that takes you by the back and invades your mind.


Cobra Fantastic is a Parisian band with a Funk and Jazz style, composed of 6 musicians and a singer. They are all professionals with a long experience on the musical and artistic stage.

A group of fearless rebels stuffed by Funk, drunk by Rock, motivated and influenced by the music of Frank Zappa, Sun Ra and P-Funk, and as crazy as Raoul Petite. To spend a moment out of the usual space-time, the group Cobra Fantastic will take you in its spaceship whose pilot David Garlitz, (Guitar & Vocal) will not ensure you return to earth, accompanied by other escapes of the usual social formats, Alison Young and Sarah-Lane Roberts in chorus, David Prez on tenor sax, Josiah Woodson on Trumpet, Matyas Szandai on Bass and Karl Jannuska on Drums. This band that has chosen to merge and interpret the music with a lot of seriousness but without taking themselves seriously, in the service of parody, sarcasm and the most decadent humor, Cobra Fantastic is fantastic.

Cobra Fantastique entertains events such as weddings, anniversaries, concerts, festivals, team-building, workshops, corporate events, etc.

Cobra Fantastic offers different options according to the event and the desired atmosphere. From traditional Jazz trio to quintet :

  • Power Trio : Vocal / Guitar + Bass + drums in rock atmosphere full of terrific and dynamic guitar solos ; 
  • Quartet : Vocals / guitar + Trumpet / Guitar + Bass + Drums, rock & funk atmosphere with a touch of soul ;
  • Full band : Vocal + Vocal / Guitar + Trumpet / Guitar + Sax tenor + Bass + Drums, the total, intergalactic atmosphere straight from planet 9! ! 

The musicians of the band being miltiskilled, Cobra Fantastic can also propose two-part options, for example a trio, quartet, or traditional jazz quintet for a cocktail followed by the Full Band concert in the evening.

With Cobra Fantastic, an uncommon band on the French stage, you will experience a unique moment of show.

Cobra Fantastic performs in France and throughout Europe.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Cobra Fantastic performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 3 to 7.

Composition : Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Flute, Trumpet, Tenor sax.

Trio (Vocal/Guitar + Bass + Drums).

Quartet (Vocal/Guitar + Trumpet/Guitar + Bass + Drums).

Full band (Vocal + Vocal/Guitar + Trumpet/Guitar + Sax tenor + Bass + Drums).

Packages for wedding :
- Ceremony + Drink reception : Trio, Quartet, or Traditional Jazz Quintet.

The following is included in the rate : 2 hour performance (2 sets of about 50 min with 15-20 minutes break between each set).

Rates : On request. Please, Contact us.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance is late in the evening, accommodation is required for the group.