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The musical magic consisted of two vocals, a guitar, a kick and a percussion to accompany your events


Delux'Pop is a duo of Jazz, Soul, Pop, and Rock, created in 2013 by two musicians, Laura and Ben, who have merged their talent and passion for music.

Laura is a musical artist with a long experience on the music scene. In the 2010s, she participated in "The X Factor" (an international television show in the line of Pop Idol – Nouvelle Star – in France).  With her voice as soft and sensual as it is powerful and detonating, Laura will seduce you and rock you on jazzy tracks, move you on great standards or amaze you on rock tracks; an overflowing energy that she puts at the service of her art, and her audience in any circumstance.

Ben, a confirmed guitarist and singer, gives you a pleasure of relaxation both by his mastery of the instrument and by his rocky and powerful voice. His agility on stage, his sensitivity to the audience and his strength to give the best of himself make him a unique artist, whom we never tire of listening to.

From 2012 to 2015, Laura and Ben toured throughout France, as well as in Belgium and Switzerland with "UFO", the international orchestra of popular music.

Delux'Pop offers you an elegant and diversified repertoire, consisted of the Standards of Jazz, Soul, Pop and Rock for your events such as weddings (cocktail, drink reception, wedding reception), birthday parties, concerts, private parties, corporate events... in an explosive atmosphere of joy, rejoicing and relaxation.

Delux'Pop performs in France, Switzerland and other European countries.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Delux'Pop performs in France, Switzerland and Europe.

Number of artists : 2.

Group Composition : Vocal, Guitar.

Standard Duo performance (Vocal + Guitar) : € 1,300 + Travel expenses.

Duo light performance (Vocal + Guitar) : € 1,144 + Travel expenses.

The following is included in the pricing of the different options : 2h 15mn performance.
The following is included in the Standard performance in Duo option :  Sound system for up to 200 people + Ambient lighting.

Add : € 364 for any performance more than 4 hours drive away.

For all performances at more than 2H 30mn drive from Chambéry ( France ), accommodation (two separate rooms) should be provided for the group.