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Duo Good Vibes

"An extremely professional duo whose musical atmosphere takes you into a timeless journey"


Duo Good Vibes is an artistic duo made up of Véronique Schotte and Louison Watrin, two dynamic and professional Belgian musicians with several talents :  

  • Véronique : Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion.
  • Louison : Electric bass, Percussion, Acoustic guitar, Electric double bass, Beatbox.

Veronique is the ear of the group, the one who thinks of everything and the one who, thanks to her beautiful musicality and perfectionism, brings flavor to each arrangement.  Initially a violinist, Véronique quickly became passionate about singing. A member of several musical groups, she explores styles and appropriates scenes.    

Louison is the Groove, the Funk and the flaming basslines. While studying Jazz, he is passionate about Rock and Pop which he deepens in different groups. Calm and picky, he builds his musical repertoire and refines it with passion.   

Using their instruments, they offer revisited cover concerts for an eclectic result. They also offer covers where the instruments unite with the soft voice of Véronique to form a collaborative ensemble. Juggling Soul/Jazzy songs with contemporary tracks, Duo Good Vibes brings its personal touch to a wide and rich repertoire.   

Whether for public or private performances, the duo adapts the stage for a moment that is sometimes sweet, sometimes intense, thus taking the audience into an ecstatic universe.   

Duo Good Vibes conducts breathtaking performances in Belgium and throughout Europe.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Duo Good Vibes performs in Belgium, Europe and worldwide.

Number of artists : 2.

Composition : Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Percussion, Electric bass, Electric double bass, Beatbox.

Duo (Vocals-Guitar + Bass Guitar-Percussion with beatbox on sequence) : from €910 + €244.4 for Sound system + Travel expenses.

The followings are included in the rate of the option :
- 1: 30 mn of performance.
- Sound system for an audience of 85 people maximum.

Add :
- €78 /Additional half-hour (1 hour performance).
- €48.75 /additional song of your choice.
- €325 for performances of more than 4 hours' drive from Ixelles (round trip), and an increase of €325 for each additional 4 hours' drive.

Special requests :
- Provide food and drinks for the musicians before or after the performance.
- Outside Belgium, please provide € 15 per musician for meals and €95 for accommodation.

If more than 2 hours drive and in case the performance is late in the evening, accommodation should be provided for the group.