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9 women in a capella choir, singing about life ... 9 vocal powers at the service of the soul


Feelin's9, it's just a dream when it debuted on January 1, 2018. The dream of a group of women who sing simply, but with a very particular originality: women artists who sing their lives, the female vocal power who interprets life by exploring strengths and weaknesses, first touching their own soul and then that of others.

They are from Europe, Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa; their cultures intersect and intermingle in a mixture which gives birth to their musical styles.

The musical styles of Feelin's9 are deeply rooted in Gospel, Christmas carols in French and traditional carols where the layman attaches himself in a harmonious way to the sacred to express the truth with authenticity, emotion and sincerity.

Feelin's9, is also a typical and extraordinary musical style, a style carried by an original repertoire and the richness of the musical compositions and arrangements of Emmanuel Pi Djob, the famous gospel and soul artist with multiple talents. The music, the texts and the harmonies are written in relation to the personality and the sensitivity of the singers.

The charming, suave, sumptuous and bewitching voices of Feelin's9 are sure to plunge you into a total swoon. Find out for yourselves by contacting our team as soon as possible.

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