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French Café Swing Band

The guitar alongside the accordion and double bass for your rejoicing


A musical group with Jazz and Guinguette influences, French Café Swing Band was created in Lyon in 2017 around the repertoire created by Swing accordionists and Gypsy Jazz guitarists of the 40s. This beautiful party music recalls the atmosphere of Paris 1900, popular balls and guinguettes of the Belle Époque with class and virtuosity. The band won the attention of the audience and fans by organizing hundreds of concerts including a tour in Wales. Thus, the experienced musicians of the French Café Swing Band shared stages with great Jazz icons such as Rocky Gresset, Antoine Boyer, Tcha Limberger, les Doigts de l’Homme.

French Café Swing Band is the combined effort and artistic talents of the experienced musicians of Manouche Jazz style:

  • Nicolas Mathieu: Guitarist, Banjoist, and specialist of the Swing guinguette style, Nicolas is the originator of this project about ball music.
  • Gregory Chauchat: Specialist in the Accordion swing, Gregory studied the sound of the musette repertoire in Auvergne. He developed several musical projects.
  • Cyrille Daras: An experienced guitarist, he played with the greatest Gypsy Jazz. Virtuoso traits, lyricism and good humour are his talents.
  • Camille Thouvenot: A talented Double bass player with a solid musical background.

French Café Swing Band offers different options ranging from two to four musicians depending on the type of event, the desired atmosphere and the budget.

French Café Swing Band entertains with passion weddings, birthdays, concerts, festivals, corporate events, team-building, France and Europe.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention zone : French Café Swing Band performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 2 to 4.

Group Composition : Guitar, Banjo, Accordion, Double Bass.

Duo (2 musicians) : from €1,040 + Travel expenses.

Trio (3 musicians) : from €1,560 + Travel expenses.

Quartet (4 musicians) : from €2,080 + Travel expenses.

Are included in the pricing of the different options :
- Sound system for up to 200 people.
- 2 hours of performance.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the group.