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Fresh Jazz

A blend of traditional Jazz, modern harmony and contemporary rhythms, all mixed with a personal touch


Fresh Jazz is a collective of excellent high-level musicians who are both part of tradition and open to modernity. The collective is mainly influenced by quality Jazz. All member musicians have a long experience on stage and in the event industry :

  • Romain Frechin, drummer and music director (Freshtet, Obsidiane, The Entropy Paradox, Marcel Bottaro European Quartet);
  • Antoine Bacherot, pianist (Gaspard Baradel Quartet, Freshtet, Antoine Bacherot Trio);
  • Marcel Bottaro, Brazilian double bassist (Marcel Bottaro European Quartet, Gaspard Baradel Quartet, Freshtet);
  • Rémi Flambard, trumpeter (Giacomo, The Entropy Paradox);
  • Lou Rivaille, vocalist (Magnetic Orchestra, Swing Up Orchestra, Elliavir);
  • Thomas Blaisel, guitarist (The Entropy Paradox, Thomas Blaisel trio);
  • Yann Phayphet, double bassist (Eym Trio, Obsidiane, Fabrice Tarel Trio);
  • Pierre-Louis Varnier, pianist (Obsidian, Jasual Cazz);
  • Cyril Billot, double bassist (Foehn trio, The Entropy Paradox);
  • Telep, rapper (Telep, Freshtet, Wanga).

Fresh Jazz has performed at prestigious events such as Jazz in Vienna, Montreux Jazz Festival, New-York Winter Jazz Fest, Jazz En Tête, Duc des Lombards…

The repertoires that Fresh Jazz offers are very rich, varied, and adapt depending on customer's request, oscillating between Jazz swing, Jazz "Be Bop", Latin jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Hard Bop, Cool Jazz, Modern jazz, Jazz hip-hop, Bossa Nova etc ...

Fresh Jazz offers several options :

  • Trio : Piano/double bass/drums for a stylish swing;
  • Trio : Guitar/double bass/drums for a gypsy jazz repertoire;
  • Quartet : with a vocalist for a vocal repertoire;
  • Quartet : with a trumpeter or saxophonist;
  • Quintet : to your choice;
  • Sextet : to your choice.

In an atmosphere of complete rejoicing, Fresh Jazz performs in France, Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention zone : Fresh Jazz performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 3 to 6.

Group Composition : Vocal, Piano, Double Bass, Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone.

Trio-Swing (Piano + Double bass + Drums) : from €1,365 + Travel expenses.

Trio Jazz Manouche (Guitar + Double bass + Drums) : from €1,365 + Travel expenses.

Quartet (Trio-Swing / Trio-Jazz gypsy + Vocal) : from €1,820 + Travel expenses.

Quartet (Trio-Swing / Trio-Jazz Gypsy + Trumpet / Saxophone) : from €1,820 + Travel expenses.

Quintet (choice) : from €2,275 + Travel expenses.

Sextet (choice) : from €2,730 + Travel expenses.

Is included in the pricing of the different options : 1hour 30mn - 2hours performance.

Add : €150 for sound equipment for an audience of up to 150 / 200 people.
For more than 150/200 people, sound equipment and sound engineer are the customer's responsibility.

Special requests :
- Power supply points close not far from the stage.
- Shelter for bad weather.
- Provide at least 3 adapters for French electrical outlets (Conditions for Switzerland).

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the group.