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Full Keys

« The style with mixed and innovative accents for a dynamic, groovy and dancing atmosphere »


Full Keys is a Parisian music band evolving in a Funky, Soul, Pop style. 

Launched on a solid groove base, Full Keys has built its own genre over the years by fusing with a certain inspiration the Blues, Soul and Funk but also Pop and Latin rhythms.

Full Keys is also a professional band composed of talented artists:

  • Roy, main song writer, bass player and second voice of the combo ;
  • Djayne, singer with a rich and warm voice;
  • Olivier on guitars ;
  • Arnaud on keyboards;
  • GilBag on drums.

From the hairs that bristle at the bend of a very R&B tinted passage to the hips that catch the movement on the funkiest tracks, from the guitar licks drawn to four pins to the bass parts slapped with a particular care, It's a whole iconography of black American music that passes between the ears as the ten tracks of Another Way scroll through a turntable that seems to be inhabited by a kind of trance where we notice occasionally a very well felt harmonica spurt. 

With Full Keys, it's more feeling, energy and desire in a groovy atmosphere.

Full Keys offers different formulas depending on the type of event and the desired atmosphere:

Quartet (4 musicians) : Vocal + Keyboards + Bass + Drums 

Quintet (5 musicians) : Vocal + Keyboards + Guitar + Bass + Drums 

Sextet (6 musicians) : Vocal + Keyboards + Guitar + Bass + Drums + Percussions.

For a successful entertainment of your events such as concerts, anniversaries, private concerts, Jazz/Blues/Rock festivals, and corporate events... in France and throughout Europe, call on Full Keys.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Full Keys performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 4 to 6.

Composition : Vocal, Keyboard, Bass, Drum, Guitar, Percussion.

Quartet (Vocal + Keyboard + Bass + Drums) : € 2,080  + Travel expenses.

Quintet (Vocal + Keyboard + Guitar + Bass + Drums) : € 2,600  + Travel expenses.

Sextet (Vocal + Keyboard + Guitar + Bass + Drums + Percussions) : € 2,860  + Travel expenses.

The following are included in the rates of the different options :
- 1h30 to 2hour performance.
- Sound equipment for an audience of 40/50 people.

Extra time : € 260 per musicien/per 1 hour extra.

Packages : Only available for private and corporate parties and anniversaries.

Special regquest : 1 meal and drink for musicians) before or after performance.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance is late in the evening, accommodation is required for the group.