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Gardon Tiz

From solo to quartet, everything is guaranteed for the success of your event


Gardon Tiz is a professional acoustic singer and guitarist. A multi-skilled musician, he plays different styles: pop, rock, blues, Italian songs for weddings, birthdays, festivals, bars...

In close collaboration with various professional music bands in Switzerland, Italy, France, and Canada, Gardon Tiz performed various concerts and released several albums.

He has also participated in several festivals such as:

  • Montreux Jazz Festival in 2012 and 2015 ;
  • Vully blues Festival;
  • Festirock in Strasbourg;
  • Sanremo off Festival in 2005 ;
  • Sherbrooke Festival in Canada;
  • 1 Swiss Crossroads Festival in 2016 with Greg Koch;
  • Cully Jazz Festival off.

In addition, Gardon Tiz took part in studio recordings, concerts and jam sessions with Zucchero, Brian Auger, former Krokus members ( Pat Aeby and Dom Favez), Nomadi, Max Marcolini and Sara Grimaldi (guitarist and singer of Zucchero). He has also recorded with Fabio Pianigiani (author and guitarist of Gianna Nannini), Pierangelo Crescenzio (Dj Bobo), with composer Léon Francioli (internationally renowned jazz composer and double bassist).

Very multi-skilled, flexible and passionate about team spirit, Gardon Tiz organizes its musical performances and activities in solo, duo, trio, and quartet depending on the type of event and the desired atmosphere:

  • Solo (vocal + guitar): With sound system, Gardon Tiz hosts private concerts, nightclub parties, weddings, anniversaries, as well as corporate events.
  • Duo: With a sound system and lights, the duo gives an even more convivial character to events such as nightclub parties, private parties, corporate parties, private concerts, weddings, and birthday parties...
  • Trio: This group plays and interprets already known titles in a new format to adapt them to the type of events: private events, corporate events as well as concerts.
  • Quartet: For a better entertainment, this vocal group, in harmony with different instruments, offers a tasty mix between pop, rock, blues, Italian songs for concerts, private events and corporate events.

Gardon Tiz and its various musical groups perform in Italy, Switzerland, France and other European countries.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention zone : Gardon Tiz performs in Switzerland and Europe.

Number of artists : 1 to 4.

Group Composition : Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Cajon, Percu.

Solo (Vocals + Guitar) :
- Pub, Restaurant, Bar etc.: from CHF 520 + travel expenses.
- Private concert, Club night, Wedding, Birthday, Conference: from CHF 910 - CHF 1'300 + Travel expenses.

Duo (Vocals + 2 Guitars or Piano) :
- Pub, Restaurant, Bar etc.: from CHF 1,040 + travel expenses.
- Private concert, club night, wedding, birthday party, conference: from CHF 2,600 + travel expenses.

Trio (Vocals + Guitar + Bass/ Drums + Cajon/ Percussion)
- Pub, Restaurant, Bar etc.: from CHF 1,430 - CHF 1,560 + travel expenses.
- Private concert, Club night, Wedding, Birthday, Conference: from CHF 3,380 - CHF 3,640 + Travel expenses.

Full band (Vocals + Guitar + Bass + Drums + Cajon or Percussion) :
- Pub, Restaurant, Bar etc.: from CHF 1,690 - CHF 1,950 + travel expenses.
- Private concert, Club night, Wedding, Birthday, Conference: from CHF 3,900 - CHF 4,550 + Travel expenses.

The rates for the various packages include :
- Up to 4/5 hours of music.
- Sound equipment for 150 people.

Add: CHF 130 per additional hour.

Packages: Yes, contact us for more information.

Special requests: Meals and drinks must be provided for each musician.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the group.