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A guitar, a bass, a set of drums, a dress code, and songs that everyone knows to set the mood for your events.


Hitfix is a French trio with Rock and Funk influences. With professional musicians from very different musical backgrounds, and thanks to a solid experience with the international clientele of Megève and Chamonix where they come from, the group masters a wide range of styles, ranging from Pop to Blues, Rock to Disco, Funk to Metal...  

The drums are majestically played by Thibaud, a musician graduated from the best French music schools on the drums course, but also piano. He perfectly reproduces the live atmosphere of Jazz, the Groove dancing of Funk, and the energizing and unifying striking of Rock.  

The guitar and singing are performed by Rémy. Attracted by all styles of music that develop energy, his guitar excels in Rock, Hard-Rock and Funk. Her voice swings easily between the sweetness of the crooner and the roars of the rockstar.  

The bass takes lives in the hands of Neil, British musician adopted by France for almost 40 years. His reputation and precision, oscillating between the melody of the guitar and the rhythm of the drums, are the essential ingredients of miracle for a trio. He worked with Thibaud on vocal choirs and harmonies.  

Although the trio gives priority to the atmosphere and energy, a calm repertoire with a jazzy trend is also proposed for a first part of the party or a drink reception for example.  Hitfix offers you two very attractive options: 

  • Solo : Guitar-Vocal, or Piano-Vocal;
  • Trio : Guitarist /Vocalist + Bassist + Drummer.

In an atmosphere of detonating, festive and gentle energy, Hitfix entertains events such as weddings, birthday parties, concerts, festivals, corporate events, Team-building, Workshops... 

During an event, the group always engraves in the minds of the audience and guests the good memory of a successful entertainment.  

Hitfix performs in France and Europe.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.

Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Hitfix performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 1 to 3.

Composition : Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums.

For the Solo option (Guitar-Vocal / Piano-Vocal) : 
- Reception drink : from €520 + Travel expenses.
- Dancing party : from €650  + Travel expenses.
- Reception Drink + Dancing Party : from €975 + Travel expenses.

For the Trio option (Guitar/Vocal + Bass + Drums) :
- Reception drink : 
from €1,560 + Travel expenses.
- Dancing party : from €1,950  + Travel expenses.
- Reception Drink + Dancing Party : from €2,730 + Travel expenses.

The following are included in the pricing :
- A maximum of 1.5 hour of performance for the "Reception Drink" option.
- maximum 2 hours of performance for the "Dancing Party" option.
- Sound equipment for up to 300 people.
- Overtime within the band song repertoire.
- For weddings: the song of the first dance is learned for free.

Add : €39 per additional song (apart from the repertoire).

Important information : Only the guitarist offers dancing party in Solo, not the pianist.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance is late in the evening, accommodation is required for the group.