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Jazz Whispers Quintet

Instrumental jazz with a powerful blues rhythm for your events


Jazz Whispers Quintet is a jazz band made up of 5 talented musicians from Grenoble and driven by a common desire: bringing the audience to experience the passion for hard bop (the authentic jazz that had its hours of glory in the United States in the 50s and 60s). Jazz Whispers Quintet is:

  • Quentin Richaud - Double bass
  • Antoine Vignon - Trumpet
  • Manon Saillard - Vibraphone
  • Bastien Rathuille - Drums
  • Quentin Lisack - Baritone Saxophone.

In complicity of collective improvisations giving large freedom to each musician to develop his speech, the synergy is made, the swing takes off, and the music is live. The dazzling particularity of the group? It is the absence of vocals and words. The love stories evoked by the titles of the pieces are represented by the sound of the instruments and the powerful rhythms of the blues.

The musicians of Jazz Whispers Quintet draw their inspiration from the American musicians who shaped hard bop: Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Miles Davis and his first quintet, Milt Jackson's Modern Jazz Quartet or Thelonious Monk.

The great themes composed by these musicians come to life on stage in famous arrangements or rearrangements that reveal new facets.

The proof is in the pudding when you see the musicians of Jazz Whispers Quintet on stage at events such as weddings, birthday parties, private parties, corporate parties, concerts ....

Jazz Whispers Quintet performs in France and in Europe

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention zone : Jazz Whispers Quintet performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 5.

Group Composition : Double Bass, Trumpet, Vibraphone, Drums, Saxophone Baritone.

Quintet (Double Bass + Trumpet + Vibraphone + Drums + Baritone Saxophone) :

- 1 hour performance: from €1,560 + travel expenses.
- 1h30 performance: from €1,950 + travel expenses.
- 2h performance: from €2,600 + travel expenses.

Sound equipment for up to 150 people indoors is included in the rate.

Packages: Yes, contact us for more information.

Special requests: Provide meals for the group. Preferably 3 of the 5 vegetarian meals.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the group.