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Makina Swing

“An impeccable rhythm, a clear voice and successful arrangements to delight your guests”


Makina Swing is a musical band based in Toulouse in the South of France. It is focussed on styles such as Jazz swing, Pop and international varieties. Makina Swing is the collaboration of professional, dynamic and passionate musicians: 

  • Cordelia: as vocalist.
  • Cyril: as Guitarist.
  • Olivier: as Guitarist.
  • Fabrice: as Double bassist.
  • Laurent: as drummer.

Surrounded by a quartet of retro-looking musicians, Cordélia, the vocalist, brings to life the must-sees of French song and international Pop in Swing version. 

The repertoire thus proposed by the Toulouse combo is very eclectic: from Charles Aznavour to Yves Montand, from Rita Mitsouko to Téléphone, without forgetting the Beatles, Police, David Bowie or even ACDC.   

And for an event that will remain etched on the memory of your guests, Makina Swing invites you to take the best of French song and English Pop, to switch all this to Swing sauce with a touch of Gypsy Jazz to get "MakinaSwing".  

An impeccable rhythm, successful arrangements, and Cordelia's clear voice will give you ants in the legs and chills in the back.  

For the success of your events in France and throughout Europe, Makina Swing offers three options depending on the type of event: 

  • Quartet: Vocal – Guitar – Double bass – Drums.
  • Quintet: Vocal – Guitar – Double bass – Drums + Saxophone or 2nd Guitar.
  • Sextet: Vocal – 2 Guitars – Double bass – Drums – Saxophone.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Makina Swing performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 4 to 6.

Composition : Vocal, Guitar, Double bass, Drums, Saxophone.

Quartet (Vocal + Guitar + Double bass + Drums): € 1,560 + Travel expenses.

Quintet (Vocal + Guitar + Double bass + Drums + Saxophone/ 2nd Guitar): € 1,950 + Travel expenses.

Sextet (Vocal + 2 Guitars + Double bass + Drums + Saxophone): € 2,340 + Travel expenses.

The following are included in the rates of the different options:
- performance for a duration of 1 hour 00 mn / 1 hour 30m / 2 hours 00 mn.
- Sound equipment for up to 100 people (with the group's technical team).

- € 520 per hour in case of Overtime.
- €780 + Travel expenses for the intervention of a service provider with sound and light equipment for more than 100 people.

Special requests: Provide food for the artists or a lunch basket of € 20 per artist.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the band.