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Music Bands in Bremen

Music Groups and Professional artists: Jazz, Soul, Pop Bands, Gospel Choir, Dancers, DJs, Musicians for events in Bremen

Bremen, officially the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen, is a city-state, the smallest of the sixteen German Länder. Located in the north-west of Germany, Bremen is an authentic inland port, 43.50 miles from the sea, on the Weser. It gathers two urban areas without territorial continuity: Bremen (568,200 inhabitants) and Bremerhaven 113,380 inhabitants), the space between them belonging to the Land of Lower Saxony.

Bremen is a cultural and economic hotspot, famous for its long history. Located on the banks of the Weser, its city center is considered one of the best-preserved historic districts in Germany.

In addition, Bremen is the Free Hanseatic City, worldwide famous thanks to the Brothers Grimm and their famous fairy tale “The Musicians of the City of Bremen”. As a matter of fact, the world-famous Musical Animals of Bremen have become the permanent symbol of the city; you can hence see this monument in one of the main squares.

Therefore, for good reason, Bremen is linked to music, dancing and entertainment.

Bremen is a city full of life: the oldest folk festival in Germany, the Bremen Free Market, the music festival, musical and theater performances, major art exhibitions, the traditional Christmas market with the Schlachte- Zauber along the Weser...

Among the cultural events and manifestations, we can mention:

  • “Ice dispute”: an extraordinary celebration that takes place on January 6 each year;
  • Every year on February 25th, the biggest musical festivals - “Bremer Karneval” or “the Samba Carnival” takes place;
  • Oktoberfest: lasts 16 days at the end of September and the beginning of October of each year;
  • In the second half of October, the people of Bremen celebrate the “free market”, or “Frei Markt” festival, which lasts 17 days.

In Bremen, entertainment and culture are not limited to various festivals and celebrations. With dozens of historical sites and museums, vast public gardens, universities and multinational companies, musical groups in various styles, Bremen offers many faces.

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