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Music Bands in Hanover

Music Groups and Professional artists: Jazz, Soul, Pop Bands, Gospel Choir, Dancers, DJs, Musicians for events in Hanover and in Lower Saxony

Located in the southern part of the northern plain in Germany, Hanover is the capital of the Land of Lower Saxony (7,926,599 inhabitants over an area of 17,950 square miles). Lower Saxony offers cultural events rich in tradition, world cultural heritages classified by UNESCO, medieval historic towns, idyllic sets of half-timbered houses, peaceful hospitality, modern shopping malls, spectacular entertainment.

The city of Hanover covers an area of 78.76 square miles for a population of more than 530,000 inhabitants in 2019.

Hanover is a port city thanks to its four ports located along the Mittelkanal. Hanover is also a university city with a large number of higher education institutions, including four universities. In addition, the city headquartered several higher education institutions.

Hanover offers a wide choice of internationally renowned cultural activities to its citizens thanks to its numerous museums, cafes, theaters and its opera house. We can therefore enjoy the beauty of this city which offers many activities. Renowned fairs take place every year at Hanover's exhibition center, the largest in the world.

The Hanover citizens carefully keep the traditions of the past centuries, the suburbs of Hanover being famous for their agricultural festivals.

Very cultural, Hanover hosts many events. The musical events, from the exceptional concert to the multi-day festival, attract fans in droves.

  • Fireworks Festival held in the Royal Garden every year, pyrotechnics experts demonstrate their talents which produce the strongest impressions;
  • the Schützenfest, which takes place in October;
  • the Maschsee Lake Festival: at the edge of the lake are arranged hundreds of attractions, in the evening they are lit by lights of all colors. Music concerts and theater performances take place on the stages.

Do you live in Lower Saxony? Are you organizing an event and are looking for a music band, a gospel choir, a jazz band, a dance troupe, a performance group? Do not look any further. Artists Premium is what you need.

Artists Premium is an artistic and event agency specializing in artistic production and the organization of shows. Based in Lausanne in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, we plan, organize and entertain high-level shows for events such as concert, Christmas concert, festival, wedding, drink reception and wedding meal, flash mob, anniversary, christening, funeral, corporate party, workshop, team building, convention, campaign, seminar, conference…

Outside Switzerland, our field of activity extends throughout Europe. We thus operate in Germany, throughout the State of Lower Saxony including Hanover, Brunswick, Osnabrück, Oldenburg, Göttingen, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Hildesheim...

In addition, Artists Premium offers you well-tailored performance options for each type of event while being flexible to your budget.

So, let yourself be immersed in the great diversity of entertainment with professional artists of singing, music, dance, percussion, authentic gospel, jazz, soul, pop, reggae and much more.

In Lower Saxony, all our shows are organized and performed with exceptional artistic arrangements. Do you want to organize an event but do not know how to go about it? An available and skillful team awaits you to assist you in all your event projects. Depending on the particularities of your events, Artists Premium offers you professional advice to optimize your choice. Please, contact us for more information.

In short, Artists Premium will make your event unique and exceptional through the artistic and vocal quality of the artists, their ability to adapt and attract the attention of the audience.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for a customized quote for an entertainment in Hanover and throughout the Land of Lower Saxony.

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