A show for an ecological cause in Chur (Switzerland)

Ocean pollution is a serious and worrying problem. Several organizations and associations are developing actions to limit this scourge, because the consequences are considerable. Marine pollution threatens the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on the oceans for their livelihoods. To succeed, it is not enough to simply draft agreements or...

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Artists Premium in European momentum

Reorganize, reactivate and amplify musical production and entertainment that give hope throughout Europe. The Covid-19 crisis plunged the events industry into a dark night and transformed social habits and the organization of events. The social and psychological impact of such widespread disruption across Europe is unprecedented. The resumption of ...

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Would the coronavirus pandemic compel the world to reinvent the events industry?

The event industry is present any time any place in our community, whether in our private, public or professional environment. Human contact was already deteriorating more and more in our different communities; as a result, artistic and cultural events had become the best way to bring together the actors of our community. When we talk about events,...

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Artists Premium : The gateway for a successful entertainment for your events

Often overlooked, entertainment is one of the crucial elements for the success of an event. Do you represent a corporate? Well-selected musical entertainment and shows during your corporate event can engage customers, reach potential customers, motivate employees, and reflect the values and visions of your company. Are you a private person? Musical...

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