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Would the coronavirus pandemic compel the world to reinvent the events industry?

The event industry is present any time any place in our community, whether in our private, public or professional environment. Human contact was already deteriorating more and more in our different communities; as a result, artistic and cultural events had become the best way to bring together the actors of our community.

When we talk about events, we refer to public gatherings such as exhibitions, conferences, congresses, conventions, workshops, seminars, musical entertainment, concerts, show entertainment, artistic entertainment and many others…

The advent of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world and the event industry. As a matter of fact, in one way or another, covid-19 has impacted and continues to impact all segments of our lives. The events and culture industry being in the foreground, has been hit hard economically and socially and is on the verge of asphyxiation. 

Impacts of prohibition of public gatherings on human health 

One of the reasons the events industry is strongly affected by covid-19 is its main mode of spread, human contact. The lockdown measures, social distancing, the reduction of usual social ties and the prohibition of public gatherings adopted in the European community help limit the spread and protect lives. However, these measures have negative impacts not only on the economic and social level, but also and above all on human health.

According to a survey carried out by the University of Basel, one out of two people in Switzerland felt more stressed during the lockdown. Also, three weeks after the lockdown instruction during the first wave in Switzerland, preliminary data from an online survey by "The Swiss Corona Stress Study" carried out on 10,472 people, show that the level of stress seems to have increased in one out of two people during the lockdown period.

The decline in physical activity, the lack of social interactions, loneliness, boredom, frustration, loss of freedom, or even the difficulty of living in an environment of domestic or family violence are risk factors for the mental health.

Is the events industry, in its current form, dying?

The covid-19 pandemic is a disaster for the events industry in general and particularly for many companies providing services related to the sector. The event industry is not just limited to agencies; it also considers service providers, owners of service facilities, technicians and many other institutions. The health crisis has serious consequences for the entire economy. For many businesses, it is just about a loss in sales. For others, the consequences range from staff layoffs to the complete shutdown of the business.

Throughout the European community, companies operating in events and in the organization of shows industry are plunged into the greatest concerns related to the uncertainty that hangs over the future due to the recession in the various countries.

Does the world run the risk of seeing this sector of activity, so important for economic development and so essential for social cohesion, to disappear?

What do artistic, cultural and event activities really bring? 

Whether on a professional level or a private level, artistic and event-driven activities create a gathering. Artistic and cultural events cover shows, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, museums, historic sites, corporate events...

The success of these activities relies heavily on human contact. Whether it is about welcoming guests for a private event, gatherings at a corporate event, gatherings at a concert or a musical or show entertainment, all the stakeholders are in direct contact.

According to several studies, artistic activities contribute to well-being by acting on the physical, mental and emotional. Thus, we see many doctors using these original methods to supplement biomedical care in health centers and medico-social establishments.

Participation in artistic activities can also help to break isolation and promote understanding between individuals. Isn't it an interesting thing that listening to good music or attending a good concert or musical entertainment and show can make a person happy and calm?

Beyond the social benefits, the economic and entrepreneurial dimension is also fundamental. In mainland France in 2018, corporate and institutional events represented 32 billion euros in economic benefits with 335,000 jobs created or maintained.These results of a study on the weight and impact of corporate and institutional events carried out by the firm "Ernest & Young et associés" demonstrate the economic importance and the strategic dimension of the event sector for the French economy. and regional development. In Switzerland, the role played by event activities should not be neglected at all.

In addition, events are an excellent promotional tool. It allows companies to highlight products, know-how or achievements, with the aim of reaching new prospects. Beyond a simple sales tool, events also allow active communication, both internally and externally.

What would the events world look like after COVID-19?

One of the great fears and great difficulties of the health crisis is also based on the uncertainty of the duration and the consequences for the events industry. According to many experts, the events sector faces the risk of becoming a field of ruin due to the covid-19. pandemic. Thus, several questions arise: Will the event sector disappear in our societies in its current form? Should we rethink the format of the events?What does the post-crisis really hold for us?

Cultural, artistic and event activities are an excellent lever for relaunching economic activity. They are a fun way to grab the attention of a business's customers and prospects. At Artists Premium, we believe that the post-covid world will still need events for the survival of economic activities. The events sector, in its current form, will not die. The idea of reinventing the events sector according to some experts is simply a kind of adaptation of cultural and event actors during the pandemic period. A normal life will indeed be resumed after the health crisis, where the artistic and event fields will continue to play a capital and essential role.

Team-building in companies will always be a ramp for companies after the pandemic. As a matter of fact, by means of interactive workshops, in particular artistic, sporting or cultural, employees of companies and organizations come together and develop their capacities to work together to change their organization. This need will be felt even more in a post-crisis world. Undoubtedly, the organization of team building will constitute a solution of team cohesion in companies weakened by the health crisis.

For the general public, the vast majority will be able to choose to attend only the events which have a particular value and a particular interest for them. After months of isolation, loneliness and withdrawal, nothing will be more relaxing than attending a concert, musical entertainment or tailor-made show to relax and relieve stress.

Artists Premium, an artistic and show organization agency, expresses a positive thought and hope to all lovers of music and dance performances and particularly to its customers in this period of pandemic. Artists Premium obviously remains available and ready to provide customized support in its fields of activities.

Our team is at your entire disposal for any further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

All united against the coronavirus!!!

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