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Pi Djob & AfroSoull Gang

The blending of Memphis Soul with Sub-Saharan African balafons in Europe


Music of dance, trance, combat and incantations, the original titles of Pi Djob & AfroSoull Gang are composed almost entirely by Pi Djob.

Emmanuel Pi Djob, still known as Emmanuel π Djob, is a Cameroonian musician and singer-songwriter. After debuts mainly devoted to gospel, he began a solo soul-blues-funk career in the 2010s.

Emmanuel Pi Djob's career as a musician began in Cameroon, when he participated in the formation of Bayembi's International, a pan-African gospel group in Yaoundé. He then left his native country to settle in France and pursue his musical adventure with African-American Gospel. But it is in his reading of Afro-Soul that he finds his fullness as an artist sensitive to the vibrations of the world.

Pi Djob is also the symbol of a vocal power, an engaged voice, which propelled him in 2013 to become a semi-finalist of the show “The Voice: la plus belle voix” on TF1. 

Emmanuel Pi Djob, offers a powerful and inhabited Afrosoul between luminous density of African pulsations, dark hoarseness of Blues, ecstatic radiance of Gospel and open emotion of Soul.

The value of cultural identity, respect for the beliefs of others and of elders are some principles advocated by Pi Djob & AfroSoull Gang.

On an innovative and original stage arrangement, Pi Djob & AfroSoull Gang is musical dynamics ignited by elite musicians :

  • Pi Djob: lead vocals, guitar, keyboard;
  • Jordan Detouillon: chromatic balafon, guitars, percussions, backing vocals;
  • Bénilde Foko: musical direction, bass guitar, backing vocals;
  • Melaine (Miloon) Cogez : balafon, handpan, percussions;
  • Félix Sabal - Lecco: drums, percussions, backing vocals;
  • Sega Seck, drums, percussion, backing vocals;
  • Philippe (DJ PH) Hinder : turntables;
  • Ambroise Voundi : mixing and sound production.

During performances, Pi Djob & AfroSoull Gang grabs the audience with a balanced rhythm. The interpretation of the meticulously selected repertoire, the synchronization of the gestures with the rhythm, and the harmonious coordination among the musicians make Pi Djob & AfroSoull Gang a unique group that always touches the hearts of the audiences.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.