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Rose Tickets

“One-way trip to the Groove” 


Rose Tickets, a quintet from Nancy in Northern France, explores a repertoire of Pop, Funk and Groove with a modern twist. It is composed of professional, passionate and dynamic musical artists. 

Rose Tickets is also the harmonious musical collaboration of:  

  • Noémie as vocalist.
  • Sven as the drummer.
  • Enzo and Paul as Guitarists.
  • Yohan as Bassist.

Musically, Rose Tickets is festive and dancing, the shows being thoroughly worked to offer a customized performance in a contagious good mood!  

The adaptation and satisfaction of the public are at the heart of the objective; thus can be proposed calmer and warmer atmospheres (on the occasion of drink reception or background music during a meal). 

Rose Tickets has been able to satisfy audiences from completely different backgrounds: nightclub entertainment, corporate seminar, ambient music, camping/holiday club entertainment, New Year's Eve party, concert, festival, wedding, christening, anniversary… 

Rose Tickets has the privilege of having among its clients large institutions such as Crédit Agricole, Club Med, Crous, Mairie de Nancy, La Grande Époque, etc...  

The 5 musicians rearranged tracks in order to defend the art of groove and share their dancing, fresh and festive universe! 

The repertoire extends from the 70s to the present day, adaptable according to your events, themes and desires. 

The band revisits titles by popular artists such as Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande and Michael Jackson. 

Rose Tickets will be honor-bound to customize your event and make it an unforgettable moment.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Rose Tickets performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 5.

Composition : Vocal, Drums, Guitar, Bass.

Quintet (Vocal + 2 Guitars + Bass + Drums).

The following are included in the rate of the option:
- 1 to 4 hours of performance.
- Sound equipment for up to 200 people.

Packages: Basic rate per Number of performance desired.

Rates: On request. Contact us to find out more.

Special requests: Provide food for artists.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the band.