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Smile In Live

Pop, Rock, Soul, Electro, and current music to have fun and please your guests.


Smile In Live is a group of three professional musician artists performing live without sequences or playback.

  • Alexia : Vocalist ;
  • Yoan : Guitarist & Vocalist ;
  • Luc-Olivier : Bassist & Percussionist.

The mutual help of the member musicians, their passion for music and a common desire to live in their profession naturally unite them and make the trio a strong and dynamic band. This trio, accompanied by a sound technician depending on the type of performance, has the possibility of performing with additional musicians.

They perform in concert by rearranging mythical songs or hits of the moment in accordance to their inspiration. The sound of strings mingled with vocals, accompanied by electronic and electric bass module promises a warm and detonating cocktail.

The arrangement of the instruments allows great adaptability and total comfort for the audience because the sound is easier to adapt to each request and/or to each place without drums.

Whether for a wedding, an event party, a gala, a birthday party, a showroom or a café-concert, Smile In Live offers a repertoire composed of Covers and Medleys, varied and adapted for any type of party.

Smile In Live offers several options :

  • Cocktail & Dancing party option:  performance in trio (Vocal + Guitar & Vocal + Bass & Electronic Percussion) ;
  • Cocktail Option: performance in trio (Vocal + Guitar & Vocal + Bass & Electronic Percussion) ;
  • Option in Duo:  Vocal & Guitar + Bass & Electronic Percussion.

For all the options, the repertoire, as rich as it is evolving, is to be arranged depending on the needs of the customer :

  • For a birthday party, it is possible to give a bit of atmosphere to the first half of the performance time, then keep the dance songs for the more explosive second half time of the party.
  • During a wedding, it is often preferable to enjoy several appearances of musicians who frame the entertainment and surprises reserved for the married couple by the guests or vice versa.
  • For a showroom, a seminar, a corporate party or a private party, the trio is at your disposal to plan a moment of sharing and pleasure.

Smile in Live offers the possibility to work one or more specific track(s) for your event (Cocktail, inaugural party, Dancing Party, Ball, Gala, Bar mitzvah, Wedding, Christmas Concert, Concert, Festival).

Smile in Live provides exceptional entertainments in France and Europe.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Smile In Live performs in France and Europe.

Number of artists : 2 to 3.

Composition : Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Technician.

Duo (Vocal + Guitar / Bass + Electronic percussion) : from €585 + Travel expenses.

Trio - Cocktail package (Vocal + Guitar + Bass & Electronic Percussion) : from €910 + Travel expenses.

Trio - Cocktail & Dance package (Vocal + Guitar + Bass & Electronic Percussion) : from €1,105 + Travel expenses.

The following are included in the pricing of the various packages :
- Two hours of performance in a duo.
- 1h30mn of performance in Trio - Cocktail package (1 set of 1h30mn / 2 set of 45 min / 3 set of 1/2h ...).
- 3h performance in Trio -  Cocktail package & Dancing Party (1h Cocktail & 2h Dancing Party / 1h30mn Cocktail & 1h30mn Dancing Party...).

Add :
 150 for sound system, mood and technical light costs for up to 100 people indoors.
€ 400 for sound system, mood and technical costs for 100 - 400 people maximum indoors.
€ 550 for sound system for 2 performances in 2 different places (100 people maximum outdoor for cocktails for example and 400 people maximum indoors for parties for example).

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late at night, accommodation should be provided for the group.