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"Your ideal partner for a successful Jazz/Soul event"


Smith&Co is a luxurious artist collective based in Strasbourg, created and run by Romain. The collective has the particularity of being constantly joined by highly talented musicians. 

Smith&Co often teams up with new international artists to always bring something new to the table. 

The line-ups on offer are as follows:

  • Jazz trio (drums, double bass, piano or guitar).
  • Jazz quartet (Drums/Bass/Piano or Guitar + Vocals or Saxaphone).
  • Jazz quintet (Drums/Bass/Counterbass/Piano or Guitar + Vocals + Saxaphone).
  • Jazz sextet (Drums/Bass/Counterbass/Piano or Guitar + Vocals + Saxaphone) + guitar).
  • Jazz larger band... (additional brass instruments).
  • Soul trio (Drums/Bass/Guitar-vocals).
  • Soul quartet (drums/bass/vocals + saxophone).

The collective also offers other option on demand: e.g. 10 musicians for parties with popular music; island repertoire; gypsy quartet; Californian rock, with additional strings, symphony orchestra, etc... 

The repertoire is vast and undefined, ranging from covers to original compositions, and includes influences from soul, jazz, funk, Latin, Dixie, swing, bossa nova...

Smith&Co is the choice of a group of professional musicians capable of adapting to any event: accompanying artists, receptions, galas, studio recordings, artistic entertainments, corporate events, weddings, Christmas concerts, concerts, festivals...

Smith&Co delivers breathtaking performances all over the world.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Smith&Co performs in France, Europe and in the world.

Number of artists : 3 to 12.

Composition : Drums, Double Bass, Piano, Guitar, Vocal, Saxophone, Bass.

Jazz Trio (Drums/Double bass/Piano or Guitar): € 1,950 + Travel expenses.

Jazz Quartet (Drums/Double bass/Piano or Guitar + Vocal or saxaphone): € 2,600 + Travel expenses.

Jazz Quintet (Drums/Double bass/Piano or Guitar + Vocal + saxaphone):€  3,250 + Travel expenses.

Jazz Sextet (Drums/Double bass/Piano or Guitar + Vocal + saxaphone) + guitar): € 3,900 + Travel expenses.

Bigger Jazz Band... (addition of brass): On request. Contact us to find out more.

Soul Trio (Drums/Bass/Vocal-Guitar):€  1,950 + Travel expenses.

Soul Quartet (Drums/Bass/Vocal-Guitar + saxophone):€ 2,600 + Travel expenses.

The following are included in the rates of the different options:
- 2 hours of performance.
- Sound equipment for a maximum of 200 people for indoor performances (only for the Trio option in case of travel by car).
- Sound equipment for other option: On request. Contact us to find out more.

Add: € 260 per musician per 30 mn overtime.

Packages: 2 performances: € 1,105 per musician.

Tailored request:
- Food and dressing room(s) with mirror.
- Drinks (water etc.) at discretion.
- Dinner for party.

Depending on the distance and in case the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the band.