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Swing Symphonie

"An explosive atmosphere of traditional Jazz"


Swing Symphonie is a musical group based in Strasbourg in the North of France. Influenced mainly by Jazz Swing, Traditional Jazz and Jazz Manouche, the group plays in the tradition of the first gypsy Jazz ensembles by combining festive and elegant music, which inspires travel and Paris of the 30s.   

Swing Symphonie is made up of four passionate, talented and dynamic musicians :  

  • Ken on clarinet.
  • Clement on guitar. 
  • Philippe on guitar.
  • Jean-Marc on the double bass.   

Created in 2012, Swing Symphonie has to its credit more than 150 concerts in the Grand Est and the Paris region and recorded a first album in 2015.  

Their repertoire swings between the tradition of the great standards of gypsy jazz and the music of Django Reinhardt, American jazz standards and Latin escapades around the Bossa nova repertoire, as well as a touch of modernity in their arrangements and in their personal compositions.  

And to make any type of event unique, several options are proposed : 

  • Duo (2 Guitars). 
  • Trio several possibilities : 
    • 2 Guitars + 1 Clarinet.
    • 2 Guitars + 1 Double Bass.
    • 2 Guitars + 1 Violin.
  • Quartet (2 Guitars + Double Bass + Clarinet or Violin).

Swing Symphonie entertains in a detonating atmosphere events such as Concert, Festival, Wedding, Corporate Events, Team-Building, Workshop, Birthday party, christening in the North and Center-East of France (Lyon and Paris included), in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany.

Management & Booking : Artists Premium.


Fees & Other information

Intervention Zone : Swing Symphonie performs in France, Switzerland and Europe.

Number of artists : 2 to 4.

Composition : Guitars, Double bass, Clarinet, Violin.

Duo (2 guitars) : € 910 + travel expenses.

Trio (several possibilities) : € 1,365 + Travel expenses.
- 2 Guitars + 1 Clarinet.
- 2 Guitars + 1 Double Bass.
- 2 Guitars + 1 Violin.

Quartet (2 guitars + double bass + clarinet/ violin) : € 1,820 + travel expenses.

Rates include :
- 2 hour 30 mn performance in 2 sets with a 15-minute break during which the band plays music.
- Sound equipment for up to 150 people.

Add :
- € 130 / musician/ additional hour.
- For more than 2 hour 30 mn (up to 4 hours max.) of music : On request. Contact us to know more.

Packages : On request. Contact us to know more.

Special requests : Provide food for musicians before or after the performance.

Depending on the distance and if the performance ends late in the evening, accommodation is to be provided for the band.